Event Recap: Feast for Your Brain Fed Hunger for Healthy Brain Knowledge

The inaugural Feast for Your Brain community event sponsored by the Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health and the Precision Aging Network was held Sept. 10 on the Health Sciences campus in Tucson. It included 23 information tables, a variety of activities, presentations, music, dance performances, tai chi demonstrations, health screenings and prize raffles.

The event was to teach people about healthy aging, brain health, and the Precision Aging Network, a community-engaged brain aging research project that will help researchers discover how to reduce cognitive decline and age-related disease. About 50 attendees completed a 10-minute online memory test at the event.

“This event brings together our many community partners in southern Arizona and our health science expertise in healthy aging for a fun day of information and performances,” said Zhao Chen, PhD, MPH, professor and associate dean for research at the Zuckerman College of Public Health. “We want to engage people and show them the benefits of participating in the Precision Aging Network research studies.”

Agenda and Presentation Recordings

Speaker: Dr. Carol A. Barnes

Precision Aging Network: Building Healthy Minds in Arizona (Time stamp: 22:53 to 34:27)

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Speaker: Dr. Matthew Huentelman

What is MindCrowd? What Has It Taught Us about the Aging Brain? (Time stamp: 1:16:32 to 1:30:22)

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Speaker: Dr. Zhao Chen

Balance Matters — Tai Chi for Physical and Mental Health (Time stamp: 2:06:32 to 2:23:52)

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Speaker: Dr. David CoonCaring for Family, Friends, Neighbors, and You (Time stamp: 2:27:32 to 2:42:05)

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Speaker: Dr. Tomas Nuño

Health Eating and Healthy Aging – (Time stamp: 3:20:48 to 3:34:19)

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Speaker: Dr. Amanda Sokan

We Want YOU! The Student Ambassador Program and PAN (Time stamp: 3:58:34 to 4:10:55)

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Speaker: Dr. Kate Ellingson

Healthy Aging and COVID-19: Lessons Learned from the Pandemic (Time stamp: 4:37:43 to 4:53:30)

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