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Presentation by Lee Ryan

Do we all age the same way, and at the same rate? What happens to my brain as I get older? In this talk, Ryan will break down some of the most pervasive myths about aging, share new science on brain aging and cognitive changes over the course of a life, and explain some exciting national studies on aging headed by the university.

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Past Events

Holiday memories can fade, especially for those experiencing worrisome memory problems. Prepare for the holiday season with tips for self-care and family caregiving.  Join experts to bust common myths about memory changes for you, family members, and friends as we grow older. 

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Co-Hosts: David W. Coon, PhD, Precision Aging Network and Kinsey McManus, MS, Alzheimer’s Association

Presentations include:

  • Prepping for Holiday Revelers – Dr. Angela Allen
  • Plugging In to Age-related Memory Changes  – Martha B. Burruel
  • Prioritizing Holiday Self-Care – Dr. David Coon
  • Picturing Your Family Tree – Dr. Matt Huentelman

Come join us on Thursday, October 13th for the first annual Boosting Brain Health event, presented by Precision Aging Network in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month!

Join us for 1 hour busting myths about cognition, physical activity, nutrition and sleep with experts in this fast-paced, engaging virtual event!This event is free to attend for all so RSVP today and bring your friends and family!

Presentations include:

  • Dr. Christian Aguelo, University of Miami
  • Dr. Matt Huentelman, TGen
  • Dr. David Xavier Marquez, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Dr. Tomas Nuño, University of Arizona
  • Uncle Scotchy, musical performance

Come join us on Saturday, September 10th for the or the first annual Feast for Your Brain event, presented by the Zuckerman College of Public Health and Precision Aging Network.

Enjoy a variety of activities including presentation, music, dance performances, Tai-Chi and Qigong, health screenings and raffles for prizes. Entry is free, bring your friends and family!

Presentations include:

  • Zhao Chen, PhD, MPH: Balance matters — Tai Chi for Your Physical and Mental health
  • Amanda Sokan, PhD, MHA, LL. B: We Want YOU! The Student Ambassador Program and PAN
  • Kate Ellingson, PhD: Healthy Aging and COVID-19: Lessons Learned from the Pandemic